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Empire of Ivory  - Naomi Novik I love the main (human) character, Laurence. He's so damn stuffy in all the best ways and makes a delightful foil for the other aviators who, by necessity, do not cleave to ordinary social rules and take for granted things which discombobulate him terribly. This fourth book, more than its predecessors, reminds me of why I don't read much modern fantasy. Cliffhangers. I want to read a book, not Book 7 of the Blah Di Blah Di Blah Chronicle-Tales. As the width of pages still to read slimmed, it became more and more obvious that there'd be, oh, another cliffhanger and much as I was deeply enjoying the book I also just wanted to stop and say, enough.I avoid online Works in Progress, too. Still, I don't suppose I will baulk too long at buying Book Bloody 5. Cracking good read.