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Absalom, Absalom! (Modern Library College Editions) - William Faulkner Have hit the half-way mark. I will finish this, I will. And then I will read the student notes. *edited*Oh, my God. Oh. My. God. You see first I thought, well, obviously Bon is part Negro, that is why he can't marry white Judith. Then I thought, no, I'm wrong, Bon is Sutpen's son and that's why he can't marry his sister, Judith. But no! Bon turns out to be already married and that's why he can't marry Judith, committing bigamy. Okay, fine. What? Also Sutpen's son, you say? Sure. Gosh, this Southern Gothic is highly melodramatic, isn't it?Oh, come on! Come on, now! Are you sure there isn't something else that could be heaped on poor Bon and Henry and Judith?Good grief. Worth the ride, though.