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Journals, 1889-1949 (Penguin Modern Classics) - André Gide, Justin O'Brien 29/8/08I could claim I have already read Gide and have him ticked on my Nobel list. In fact, I had planned to because though he is a beautiful writer, Strait is the Gate was the most tedious book I had read. So boring I spent more time telling people it was boring than I spent reading it - it is a short book. However, browsing the $5 box, I found this and really, Gide is a lovely writer and he is himself much more interesting than tedious Jerome and tedious Alissa. To misquote him: "No matter; it is time to learn once more to prefer the books that choose me to those I should have chosen myself."My Penguin Modern Classic edition has a detail from this painting on the cover: Pont de L'Europe