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Allen Roger M. A., Adnan Haydar, Jabra Ibrahim Jabra, جبرا إبراهيم جبرا
The Witches Of Wenshar - Barbara Hambly That was fun. It took a while to get used to fantasy world-building. So often the first chapter of a fantasy novel is like learning several weeks of new vocab all at once: blah blah nation this, tribe that, those mountains, this temple, gods and monsters. There's no time to get a sense of what it looks like and what it feels like because half the words are another language. Still and all, a jolly fun read. Sun Wolf and Starhawk: like Xena and Gabrielle in a way. The lesson you might take from this book is don't get between an ambitious man and power, for he will use anything and anyone with cynical unconcern for other people.