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Wolfbane - C.M. Kornbluth; Frederik Pohl Where do I start? I miss this kind of book. 180 pages! And it could have been shorter but for the tech talk. These old SF masters, they loved their tech talk. Wolfbane was a little trip down educational memory lane, with its long sections on chemical and electrical engineering, and materials technology. I don't miss this kind of book. The characterisation is a smear, little painted dolls and yet the men still manage to be about twenty times as richly drawn as the women, all wives, and mostly by the time the book gets into serious action, brood mares for the reinvigorated human race. These old guys, did they truly not know how to draw a character or was it the style? The plot is way cool, though. A planet has kidnapped earth, constrained in a binary system with the moon, artificially burning, as the only source of light and heat for both planets. Now they're travelling through space and all but a few humans have given up, living constrained by ritual and malnutrition. In the movie I cast in my heart, Glenn Tropile, a man rebelling against the strictures of his buttoned down society, is played by Paul Newman, Gala Tropile by Geena Davis (it's a dream team, Philip Jose Farmer-style!), and Haendl by Gene Hackman (if you've read the book, you know this is perfect), the Germyns by Will and Jada Pinkett Smith (casting against type - it's my genius), and Alla Narova by Sophia Loren because I can.By skipping page 130 completely you can avoid the book's most disgusting racist paragraphs and not miss any of the plot.