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The Sound and the Fury
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In Search of Walid Masoud (Middle East Literature in Translation)
Allen Roger M. A., Adnan Haydar, Jabra Ibrahim Jabra, جبرا إبراهيم جبرا
The Unknown Errors Of Our Lives - Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni Divakaruni writes beautifully, softly, softly and gently about devastation in families. She avoids melodrama so deftly. This is how it happens to us, the trials of our lives, without fanfare, without a soundtrack, every day as it comes, sometimes breaking us, sometimes making us stronger. This is one of those books, like Tree of Man, that I want to start over from the beginning straight away, because I can't bear to leave the characters. In blurb on the back of the copy I read, Junot Diaz says, "Chitra Divakaruni is a brilliant storyteller; she illuminates the world with her artistry; and shakes the reader with her love."He is 100% exactly correct.