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In Search of Walid Masoud (Middle East Literature in Translation)
Allen Roger M. A., Adnan Haydar, Jabra Ibrahim Jabra, جبرا إبراهيم جبرا
Graveyard Book - Neil Gaiman The cover blurb says this is the best book Neil Gaiman has ever written, that he's a literary genius. This is patently not true. Good Omens is the best book Neil Gaiman has ever written. Can you even imagine the book he would have to write to surpass Good Omens? I would very much like to read that book. Nevertheless, The Graveyard Book is a good enough book with a reliable and tasty plot and many, many of the beautiful, subtle touches the author is so good at seeding through his work, so that for ages you're remembering this delightful minor plot twist or that turn of phrase or your glee at at image or an illustration. Gaiman takes sturdy, servicable stories and dresses them with confidence and charm. And he doesn't make it all end sweetly sweetly, which is probably why people think he's better than he is. Chris Riddell's illustrations are lovely, particularly 'They say a witch is buried here.'