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Changeless - Gail Carriger Overall more fun and less annoying than the first one, possibly because the Maccons are more fun and less annoying as a married couple than a courting couple. I'm glad Ivy ran off and ignored her oppressive and judgemental friend. Good on you Ivy. I would wish for at least one character actually likeable rather than some mix of amusing, interesting, furthering the plot. I don't suppose anyone hold out hope that Alexia will get to have hot monkey sex with the lady inventor? No? One of the good things about this book is the way many characters - and not just the evil characters - actively dislike Alexia. The everyone wants to fuck the heroine trope is not one of my favourites. No pining Victorian lesbians, thanks. To be fair, Madame Lefoux doesn't appear to be pining. But she better get some hot monkey sex with someone in the next book. I'm just sayin'.