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No Fond Return Of Love - Barbara Pym Another review here on Goodreads calls Dulcie Mainwaring a stalker. There's a fair way between nosey parker, the restrained obsession with which Miss Mainwaring carries out her research into - her indexing of - Aylwin Forbes life, and stalker, which implies an ill intent. Pym's failing is that she rarely shows her male characters' attractiveness. Most women in the book find Aylwin attractive but while he's described as handsome his character is sorely wanting. He's shallow, self-centred and dull. I imagine that if he did discover the extent of Dulcie's interest he would consider it only his due if perhaps a sign of her feminine instability. Pym is not generally known for the depth of her heroes, but for the restrained and delightfully, wickedly funny responses of her heroines to their quiet, middle-class lives and the anthropologists, librarians, curates and vicars that share them.