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The Fry Chronicles - Stephen Fry Not as much Emma Thompson as I would have liked. Nor as much of anyone else, really, just anecdotes and asides. A number of Goodreads reviews complain that the book has too much name-dropping but a girl has to ask: who else would Stephen Fry know? What is celebrity autobiography but a famous person's memories of other famous people? Quite interesting to read so soon after Dawn French's Dear Fatty, some of the same people from a different viewpoint. Of course, I am of that comedy-viewing generation, raised on The Two Ronnies and the Goons and Monty Python and Not the Nine O'Clock News, completely prepared for and yet utterly gobsmacked by Five Go Mad and Black Adder.Once you've got past page 70, the bulk of the self-loathing is done but it sneaks up and thwacks you unpleasantly now and then. Prepare for a slightly cliff hanger ending. Perhaps my friend will buy, and lend me, the next episode when it comes out.