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Cooking the Books - I enjoy the cosy mystery, the cooking and the setting but the resolution was a bit unbelievable. Okay, it was a lot unbelievable. It would have required someone to not know something that they would have been told several times. A very obvious something. I mean, maybe if the thing happened in 1890 but not in 1990. Also, Corinna is getting meaner and more judgemental. I wish the author would have Corinna think something nice about a non-fat, non-Daniel person. She doesn't behave meanly, but her inner monologue is depressing. In fact, if you were to strip all of Corinna's thoughts about most characters from the book it would be completely different. Her behaviour is kind, she's hardworking, thoughtful and always ready to assist a friend or a reasonable cause without being a martyr, which is lovely. But oh, the skinny hate.