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The Gods of Mars - Edgar Rice Burroughs John Carter is ridiculous, deliciously, hysterically, entertainingly ridiculous. He is the manliest man who ever manned. Never was one so noble, so brave, so lucky, so good-hearted, so epically lucky and such an idiot. This is not a spoiler: the boy is your son. He's your son, you massive nuff nuff. And yet, all the time I was yelling 'he's your son' I was gripped by the adventure. Dejah Thoris manages to be offstage for the entire novel, plunging into distress towards the end. Thuvia, on the other hand, is truly awesome, from the first moment we meet her when she begins to rescue John Carter and Tars Tarkas while still chained to a wall. She continued awesome as she shoots down the guy who had enslaved her as soon as she sees him with a weapon in her hand. No conversation, no hesitation, bam! You're dead. She is hardcore and deserves many adventures. Let there be more Thuvia. This book ends in a massive cliffhanger. Onward to Warlord of Mars.