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Pleasure for Pleasure (Essex Sisters Series #4)

Pleasure for Pleasure (Essex Sisters, book 4) - Eloisa James Could have finished about 50 pages earlier than it did. Mayne and Josie are delightful, but Josie's fat hate and poor self image in this book are not enjoyable and they're a lot of the story. It's a pity that her book is less about the delicious spiky wit and frankness she had in the first three books and more about how much she hates her tits. The book cover illustration is particularly ironic. My recommendation is don't read this if you have body image issues, it may distress you. If you do read it, stop when Mayne and Josie consummate their marriage and assume everything ends up fine for everyone with lots of babies. I could do with a whole book about Sylvie discovering passion in Gemima's arms.